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.Dotty kite

The kite shape and frame are based on a traditional Eddy kite. 

Organza tail ensures stability and beautifies the flight.


DOTTY kite is a product made of high quality materials: ripstop spinnaker nylon, dacron, Exel carbon fibre. 


Each element of the kite design is sewn in, which makes the colors very distinctive and in a full sunlight they become more powerful.

The kite and its tail come in a neatly finished bag. The bag’s colour was chosen to match the colour of the kite. 

Kite characteristics:


SAIL  |  105cm x 105 cm  |  ripstop nylon, dacron


TAIL  |  400cm  |  organza, ripstop nylon


RODS  |  2 carbon fiber tubes  |  5mm x 104cm 


KITE BAG  |  10cm x 106cm  |  waterproof polyester


Suitable for 1-4 Bf wind.

Easy to assemble. "Train ready" - read DOTTY TRAIN info below.

Colours personalisation available.

Dotty kites are sold as individual kites or as a set of 3+ kites


Buying a 3+ kites set saves €10 on each kite

Dotty | Single kite €79

Dotty | Set of 3+ kites €69 per kite

Personalised colours


If you are interested in other colour combination, please check the

palette of available colours

and  instructions here.

Indicate your colours while placing an order.

.Dotty kite train

Sold as a set of 3+ DOTTY kites. Kite sets give a spectacular effect

in the sky.

Each Della Porta kite is "train ready", equipped with a bridle set 

and attachment lines.


You can easily connect 3 or more kites into a train or fly them separately.

Colours personalisation available.

When combining a train you can choose from the colour options shown or design your own colour combinations for each kite. 

Eddy Dotty kite train
shipping included
shipping included

Kites characteristics:


SAILS  |  105cm x 105 cm  |  ripstop nylon, dacron


TAILS  |  400cm  |  organza, ripstop nylon


RODS  |  2 carbon fiber tubes  |  5mm x 104cm 


KITES BAG  |  106cm  |  waterproof polyester


Suitable for 1-4 Bf wind.

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