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2020 | Birds on Eddy
The project is a result of the first corona lockdown. Inspired by the global pandemic situation as well as my individual situation and the place I was lucky to be at the time.
Find out more and join the fun!

Kites bring people

After all,
One Sky
One World

2022 | Kites for Ukraine
Russia's attack on Ukraine has triggered in us, as in many people all over the world, the desire to help and also to express solidarity with the Ukrainian people and, above all, with our kite flying friends in Ukraine. Since the beginning of this cruel war, a lot of beautiful kites in colours of the Ukrainian flag have been created in various corners of the world, which are, on the one hand, an expression of solidarity and, on the other, an expression of the pain we are experiencing. This is how our solidarity chain was made. We created it together with Filip and Karolina, for whom this was also the first experience with kite building. 

Creative reuse


2020 | Paraglider flies again

Challenge: transform a paraglider into a kite train.

In 2018 I received a retired paraglider from a friend, After a two-year wait I started to work on the project, inspired by the Dieppe kite festival "The Earth in the spotlight" theme. Dieppe festival was moved to 2022, so after another 2 years the paraglider finally made it to the sky again! In a slightly different form... More about this project here.

2020 | Cards fly the world

How small should a scrap of fabric be to qualify for throwing away? That is a question I often ask myself when I build kites. And most scraps end up in the scrap box. What to do with the smallest ones? How about creating 70 unique greetings cards and sending them to friends all over the world? Yes!

Click the photo to see more cards.

Most of us already 
realised that the resources are limited..

Do the best you can with what you have
in the time you have
in the place you are

Kites for charity

2021 | Charity fundraiser kite


This colourful kite was created exclusively for the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity (WOŚP) auction organised by the collection center of Eindhoven.

WOŚP is the greatest Polish charity event, which raises funds for specialist equipment for Polish children's hospitals.

Kite's graphics relates to the 2021 WOŚP theme. The kite raised €170.

2021 | Charity fundraiser kite

Kites Fighting Cancer

Colibri bird goes on a winding road and gets out onto the kite's sail to fly high - a reference to the difficult road that cancer fighters have to take to recovery.

The kite raised $1000 for cancer research.

More coming soon...

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