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April 2024, Artevento festival, Cervia
Flamboyance of Flamingos sewing kite workshop

In April 2024, during the 44th edition of the Artevento International Kite Festival in Cervia, Italy, a kite workshop for adults was held for the first time. Another wonderful fruit of the collaboration between Artevento and SzalSky Kites.

This time the participants built a Hexagon type kite with a Flamingo motif, referring to the theme of the festival. 

Each kite that was created is unique and part of a whole - a flock of flamingos. Full photo report is available here. 


October 2023, One Sky One World, Cervia
Kite workshop in collaboration with Artevento

On the 2nd Sunday of October 2023, as every year, we celebrated One Sky One World. This time in Cervia in Italy, where we organised a kite workshop for adults through a wonderful collaboration with Artevento.

Two participants started building kites on Friday and finished them on Saturday morning. Another two started and completed the creation process on Saturday. For two of the participants, Agnieszka and Elisabetta, this was their first ever kite sewing adventure! And although everyone was pushed a bit out of their comfort zone while sewing on the letters ONE SKY ONE WORLD, everyone excelled in the challenge.

On Sunday all the kites flew high carrying good energy into the world.

More about One Sky One World here

KAP by Pierre Lesage

KAP by Wolfgang Bieck

February & March 2023
SEWING WORKSHOPS preparations started

The beginning of 2023 promises to be very exciting. Alicja will be running a kite workshop in Finland in February, and 2 workshops in the USA are lined up for March! Although these events are still a few months away, we are already updating and creating handbooks, preparing materials and making travel plans. Once the participants have chosen their kites and colors, the intense work of preparing the workshop kits will begin. We will keep you updated!

Click images below to get more information about USA events.

More about sewing workshops here.

2023 Logo.JPG
FW 2023.jpg

August 2022
LOTUS HEXAGON kite train ready to fly!

The design of this kite envisioned that by overlapping layers of fabric, when the sun shines through the kite, an interesting visual sparkle effect would be created. 

The end result exceeded our expectations!

More about Lotus Hexagon project coming soon.

June 2023
Kite Aerial Photography session, Fanø, Denmark

KAP - Kite Aerial Photography is the art of taking photographs with a camera attached to a kite line. Practitioners of this art often construct their own equipment for KAP, use various types of cameras and test new technological developments. Added to this is the skill of flying the kite, feeling the wind, the distance, the angle. A fascinating activity. 

In June 2023, during the International Kite Fliers Meeting at the Danish island of Fanø, we made an excursion to one of the WW2 bunkers on the island, to photograph kites flying over the bunker. We were super happy to collaborate on this project with greatly skilled KAP masters.

Nature slowly takes over the bunker at its own pace. Kites decorate the sky lifted by the wind. Wonderful cooperation and creativity bring joy and beauty into the world. It was a magical morning. Let's create, not destroy.

International Dieppe Kite Festival, September 2022
The Earth in the spotlight. UPCYCLING PROJECT 

In 2018 Alicja received a used paraglider wing from Tomek and Iza, with the intention of transforming it into kites. Two years later "The Earth in the spotlight" theme of Festival International de Cerf-Volant de Dieppe became a perfect opportunity to bring this upcycling project into life. The 2020 festival, as well as the project, has been postponed due to pandemic. This year, a week before the event in Dieppe, we finally finalised it. The maiden flight took place during the festival.

We strongly believe that minimal resources unleash creativity potential. After 80 hours of work, we have built 51 kites, and we could build at least 100 more from the recovered materials.

Work, effort, time, and a bit of talent are the key.

More about upcycling projects here.


February 2022
Kites for Ukraine

When Russia brutally attacked Ukraine, we felt the need to do something symbolic to show our solidarity with our friends in Ukraine. Together with Karolina and Filip, who had never built kites before, within 3 hours we created a chain of 27 diamond kites and flew them by the Waal river in Nijmegen.

More about this project here.  Photo: Filip Placzek.

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