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international kite fly for peace
Every 2nd Sunday of October
Everywhere in the world


Visit official OSOW websites to find out more:

On the 2nd Sunday of October 2023, as every year, we celebrated One Sky One World. This time in Cervia in Italy, where we organised a kite workshop for adults through a wonderful collaboration with Artevento. Two participants started building kites on Friday and finished them on Saturday morning. Another two started and completed the creation process on Saturday. For two of the participants, Agnieszka and Elisabetta, this was their first ever kite sewing adventure! And although everyone was pushed a bit out of their comfort zone while sewing on the letters ONE SKY ONE WORLD, everyone excelled in the challenge. And on Sunday all the kites flew high carrying good energy into the world. Check out our photo report of this event.

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Would you like to build a One Sky One World kite?

And fly for peace together with us on the 2nd Sunday of October in your corner of the world?

We are very happy to hear that! 


A manual with instructions and a full-size kite template have been created for the Cervia kite workshop, which we make available for download on our website at no cost.



Just click and download the manual and template. 

And if you have any questions or concerns about the process of building your kite, or your kite is ready and you want to share the photos with us: get in touch



If you feel that you would like to reward the work we put into the creation of manual and template – you can do it by donating to the fundraiser for our Ukrainian friend Pavlo Shmulevych. 


Pavlo, the Founding President of Ukrainian Kite Association, needs our help to get back to physical and mental shape after being tortured in captivity by russians. While Pavlo keeps on helping Ukrainian members of UKA, by raising founds, organising trips to international events for Ukrainian youth, and ensuring the association stays active and supportive in various ways, he needs help himself. Detailed stories of what russians have done to Pavlo and other Ukrainian civilians during the captivity are too terrifying. None of us deserves that bestial treatment, yet some have had to experience this. Unfortunately Pavlo was amongst them; we are happy that he is alive.



Health insurance supported by the country in which Pavlo and his Mom received refugee status does not cover all the extensive rehabilitation costs. More explanation on Pavlo's and his Mom's situation is described at the fundraiser website. Please donate if you can, 10, 20, 100 euro, every amount counts. 

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