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The best things in life often come by chance. Cecylia and Wenancjusz Szalscy discovered it when they decided to open a tailoring workshop. By a coincidence, instead of clothes, they started to produce kites. 

A year before the fall of the Berlin Wall, they were looking for wholesalers. They contacted a friend from Poznań who was importing materials from West Berlin, but he was not interested in cooperation. Cecylia then decided that they will go to Berlin to get

the materials themselves.

- When? - was a question.  

- Tomorrow! - was the answer.

- That sounds great! I am hosting a Berliner who has been unsuccessfully trying to return home for two weeks now.... 

Berliner Michael Janke, having learned that Cecylia and Wenancjusz were planning to open a tailor's workshop, offered them to sew kites for Michael Steltzer, the owner of a company and kite shop Vom Winde Verweht. 

Cecylia & Wenancjusz 

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