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Lockdown, birds and Eddy kites
March, 2021 | August, 2023 updated in August 2023

The end of February 2020 was a breakthrough time. On the 28th of February we left Gdansk for good with the plan to start our new life in the Netherlands, with a stop for 2 weeks at my parents' lakeside house.

Just then the first lockdown started and 2 weeks turned into 3 months. Time passed on walks around the lake and in my Dad's kite workshop. 

The lake is a habitat for many birds species, which inspired me to work on the Birds on Eddy designs. 

The birds on the first three kites were captured on Szymon's photos from our travels. Eagle from Łeba dunes in Poland, crane from Pasir Gudang in Malaysia and a bird couple from Hyderabad in India. 

When I posted the first Eddy's photo on my Facebook profile in March 2020, someone asked if I could share the making process for that kite. And that was a spark that started all the fun around this project. I found a way to satisfy my need of doing something to help people during this hard time of isolation!

I finished all 3 kites and prepared a step-by-step instruction with pictures which I then published on Facebook.

The response went far beyond my expectations. To date, more than 30 kites have been created already in many parts of the world and in most creative colour combinations. And more Eddys are still being build! What a joy!

Below you will find photos of Birds on Eddy created by wonderful people all over the globe. Photos courtesy of them all. 

In July 2020 the Bird on Eddy no.4 was born! A Kiekendief over Lemelerberg designed by Riks Siemons. It has also been reproduced by some wonderful kite-makers, including myself

That is not the end! Bird on Eddy no.5 is also ready - cranes photographed by Szymon at a lake of Kamienica in Poland.

In April 2021 Phil Border from the USA made his own Bird on Eddy design, so here we go, it's the no.6. And the story goes on...

In 2023 Mike Dertien from Michigan, USA, designed a Bird on Eddy no.7 with seagulls. I made my own variation of his design using seagulls photographed by Szymon at the Dutch Schiermonnikoog island. Here are few words from Mike about where he got his inspiration from: "The scene is one I have witnessed countless times at my favorite flying spot, Holland State Park on the shore of Lake Michigan. There is something almost spiritual about watching a sunset there. The sky turns red, the clouds to purple and the lake to dark blue reflecting the orange sun and the gulls fly out for one last meal of the day. When it's mid-summer and the lake and air are warm you submerge yourself in the lake water as the sun sets for a complete experience. You feel renewed and empowered. It's quite amazing."


The project will continue as long as there are people willing to be part of it. And I hope we will fly our Eddys together one day! 


Would you like to join us and build your Birds on Eddy? Here you can download the instructions manual (PDF).

The full-size templates for all designs are available on request. If you wish to build your Birds on Eddy, just email me at, and I'll send you the templates.

Take a look at the Eddys built by some fantastic kitemakers from various corners of the world!

Have you already built your Bird on Eddy and would like to share the photos? Fantastic! You can email them to

Maria Isabel Niño

Bogota, Colombia

Matthias Grammel


Holger Friedrichs


Javier Hernandez


Clive Goodswen

United Kingdom

Gerhard & Daniela Zitzmann


Gareth Williams

United Kingdom

David Thompson

United Kingdom

Don Sinclair

United Kingdom

Markus & Lara Münstermann


Riks Siemons

The Netherlands

Sven Ossendorf

Peter Hulcoop
United Kingdom

Mike Dertien

Phil Broder

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