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Eddy Kite

let's build a kite

The Eddy kite can be made by a child or as a joint work between a parent and a child. In addition to the construction activities, the kite should also be cut and glued with elements that will decorate the kite.


While building the Eddy kite participants will:


- cut out decorative elements (according to templates or their own creativity) and stick them to the sail of the kite


- fasten the rod pockets


- glue the tails together and attach them to the kite.


- they cut the bridle and tie it to the kite; this stage is preceded by learning how to make a proper knot


- then the participants learn a simple clamping knot and use it to tie the kite rope to the bridle. 


The kite is ready to fly!


Duration: 2 hours


Materials: sail and tails made of ripstop nylon/icarex, synthetic rods, dacron for pockets, bridle line, double-sided tape, kite line on winder.

Prices of workshops are set individually. They depend primarily on the number of participants.

The maximum number of participants per workshop is 20. 


During picnics and outdoor events we can conduct several workshops, one after the other with a short break in between. 


We enrich the workshop with an exhibition and presentation of advanced kites, a kite chat before the start of the workshop, and we finish with common flying.


We are open to your ideas and suggestions.  We invite you to cooperate with us!

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